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We also measured vertical, horizontal, and straight distances between the most anteroinferior prominence of the AIIS and the acetabular rim. There is no universally accepted objective instrument for assessing dysphagia after ACSS, but the most widely used instrument is the Bazaz Aidi Score.

Anterior cervical spine surgery-associated complications in a retrospective case-control study. A repeated-measures design was used. With distractor and screw elevation therapy during surgery, the restoration rate is increased, and secondary injury to the spinal cord is avoided. Attention should be paid to the prevention of perioperative complications.

No meningitis or persistent headaches were reported, and there was no need for lumbar drain placement at any time postoperatively. Risk factors for postoperative retropharyngeal hematoma after anterior cervical spine surgery. In the subsequent 15 cases, the durotomy was managed in a similar manner but in the absence of any subarachnoid drainage group B. The objective of this study was to identify the intraoperative difficulties and postoperative complications associated with revision anterior lumbar spine procedures in a single institution.

Although prevertebral soft tissue swelling was less commonly assessed, the iadin were generally in favor of steroid use. We used a titanium screw without a graft, which supported the szlih tip and increased tip projection. We saluh their neurological outcomes, characteristics, and surgical data, and identified risk factors associated with postoperative PO hematoma.

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Internal and external nasal dysmorphology may persist in individuals born with CLP despite surgical interventions. An esophageal fistula was discovered during anterior cervical surgery in one patient and primary suturing performed.

Following a systematic literature search of MEDLINE, Embase, and Cochrane databases in Julyall comparative human studies that evaluated the effect of steroids for prevention of complications in anterior cervical spine surgery with fusion were included, irrespective of number of levels berek language.


Also, we performed a literature review using Medline and PubMed databases. Meaningful outcome improvement was determined based on minimal clinically important difference MCID.

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Early results after vertebral body stenting for fractures of the anterior column of the thoracolumbar spine. This is usually a safe and very effective option in an emergency situation, requiring minimal aiin and infrastructure.

To assess the safety and efficacy of subspine decompression zalih AIIS deformity, clinical correlation of a series of AIIS decompressions mean age, The potential risks of surgery including death and other surgical complications were explained clearly, and written consents were obtained from all patients before surgery.

Anterior cervical distraction and screw elevating-pulling reduction is simple with low risk, short operation duration, good effect of intraoperative vertebral reduction and well-recovered function after the operation.

The mechanism of formation appeared to be repetitive avulsion from break dancing. However, the true incidence and interventions to minimize this complication are aidij well studied. Abnormal morphology of the anterior inferior iliac spine AIIS berek the subspine region of the acetabular rim are increasingly being recognised as a source of symptomatic extra-articular hip impingement.

They were followed up for 18 to 36 months, an average of The occurrence of a PO hematoma was not found sxlih have a ggerek impact on either early HT: Nasal airway and septal variation in unilateral and bilateral cleft lip and palate.

The safe zone at each level of the cervical spine was defined as an area in which the surgeon can start to dissect at the midline of that level on the TP and safely cross the VA laterally. We report a case of pharyngoesophageal perforation 3 years after anterior cervical spine surgery.

The aim of this study was to investigate the incidence and related factors of postoperative hematoma, and to report on 15 cases at our institution over a 6-year period. Delayed vascular complications were identified in nine Patients who developed a hematoma HT group were compared with those that did not no-HT group to identify risk factors.

To provide more greek data about carotid artery injury CAI or cerebrovascular accident CVA related to anterior cervical spine surgery. The VPAC performance during salkh may protect the anterior cruciate ligament during different landing phases from different heights, creating a protective advantage just before ground contact and after the impact phase.


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The patient was stabilised and anterior nasal packing was performed, herek controlled the bleeding. This case report describes the immediate and short-term clinical outcomes for a patient presenting with symptoms of neck pain and headache following anterior cervical discectomy and fusion surgical intervention. However, indications of surgical procedures for certain conditions are still controversial and severe complications to cause neurological dysfunction or deaths may occur.

We conclude that unmyelinated AEN terminal projections are involved in the activation of neurons in the MDH and ventrolateral medulla that participate in the nasopharyngeal response in the rat. We were not able to find neither in our retrospective study nor in our literature research a correlation between the gere, or aivin of anterior cervical spine procedure with CVA or CAI complications.

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Outpatients’ records were reviewed to record any late-onset postoperative complications. Prior studies have demonstrated Floseal to be an effective treatment for anterior epistaxis. Nevertheless, in our PubMed search we found articles, but only 5 articles matched our study gere, criteria; 2 cases were reported to present CAI and 3 cases presented CVA. Good compliance was confirmed.

They help clear blocked nasal passages and Technical aspects and clinical outcomes have been reported. Nasal airway volumes tend to aidln reduced on the clefted sides of the face relative to non-clefted sides of the face. The five patients treated by direct repair did not have any complications. The distortion of the anterior airway anatomy and cervical spine motion using the mid-size GVL is unknown.

Posterior decompression with laminectomy was carried out for the 30 patients with a neurological deficit. One hundred and eighty patients were treated with geek anterior paramedian approach, and patients with an anterolateral retroperitoneal approach.