Ayurveda: The Science of Self-healing: a Practical Guide I have implemented various methodologies prescribed by Dr. Vasant Lad for different disorders and. Dr. Vasant Lad introduces the ancient medical science of Ayurveda. This book is a MUST for anyone looking for a brief overview of what Ayurveda is, its long. n the West, the term diagnosis generally refers to identification of the disease after it has manifested. However, in Ayurveda, the concept _of diagnosis implies a.

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Still, one can qyurveda have too many Ayruvedic texts: This book has description of many eye opening mechanisms to become healthy. Jan 08, Shala rated it really liked it.

I’ve been practicing yoga’s sister ayurveda for a few months now and am absolutely loving it! We are all different and therefore a generalized prescription of how to take care our YOUR body may not be effective.

Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing by Vasant Dattatray Lad

It was really interesting to me. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Perfect introduction to Ayurveda. Vasant Lad is the author of numerous books and respected throughout the world for his knowledge of Ayurveda. This book conveys what I see as a very classical version of the Ayurvedic science. For the first time a self-heaking is available which clearly explains the principles and practical applications of Ayurveda, the oldest healing system in the world.

Beginning inhe has traveled throughout the United States sharing his knowledge of Ayurveda. About Vasant Dattatray Lad.

It would mean a complete shift in lifestyle This book conveys what I see as a very classical version of the Ayurvedic science. Tri gune su kvalitete i osnova svakog postojanja. I’ve got a few more books to read on the subject and I’m hoping to answer some of the questions I still have about Ayurveda.


Finding out that I’m kapha dominant has made a massive difference to my energy levels, digestion, yoga. This is a great introduction in case you want to learn about ayurveda without prior experience.

It is remarkable how the author has managed to capture Ayurvedas essence in such a simple reading. Easy read and great to have handy for easy reference. Excellent, goes well beyond the simple lists of balancing foods for each dosha, but explains the theory behind them. Refresh and try again. There is definitely some wisdom to the Ayurvedic system, but our fast paced American life and the practices of our culture would make it hard to faithfully adhere to the Ayurvedic practices.

Jan 30, Jason Prasad rated it it was amazing. Getting more and more drawn to the ideas of ayurveda with books like this. A few months back, after consulting with an Ayurvedic doctor in my city for dietary advice to combat seasonal affective disorder, I read Eat-Taste-Heal: A very simple Ayurvedic book- too simple in my opinion, but it gives a very good understanding about the meridians and diagnostics such as urine, tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Sep 04, Rachel rated it really liked it. With almostcopies of his books in print in the US, his work has been translated into more than 20 languages. This was such a quick and enaging book that gives an overview of ayurveda and practical tips for improving health and consciousness.

Ayurveda illuminates the basic laws governing life on earth. Preview — Ayurveda by Vasant Dattatray Lad. It would mean a complete shift in lifestyle. It’s tempting to just write “hogwash” and be done with it, but I don’t want to be that disrespectful either to another culture or to someone who based on his acknowledgments seems like a really nice guy.


Feb 06, Chanti rated it liked it Shelves: Very good matter of fact intro survey of Ayurvedic medicine. Feb 10, Femke rated it liked it. Jun 10, Andrew rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: In he came to Albuquerque as Director, principal instructor and founder of the Ayurvedic Institute.

I definitely recommend it to someone that’s looking for an introduction of Ayurveda.

Nov 20, Sara Alaee rated it really liked it Shelves: Jan 25, Debra Brunk rated it it was ok. Read this book this week, it w I’ve been practicing yoga’s sister ayurveda for a few months now and am absolutely loving it!

I’ll be buying a copy to reference for years. Feb 14, David added it Shelves: A great resource for Ayurveda principles. It’s been great to know that tge of the things I’ve learned to do intuitively has already been laid out in ayurveda, and it’s ayurvea if someone’s already understood and done the rest of my homework for me! That book, combined with information provided by the doctor, helped set the stage for getting the most out of this text and moving ayurfeda understanding of Ayurveda forward.