LIVROS EM PDF:Obras escogidas De Moto Pela América do Sul Diario del Che en Bolivia Guerra contra el Burocratismo La Guerra de Guerrillas Notas Inéditas . The Life and Death of Che Guevara Jorge G. Castañeda Ernesto Che Guevara , “Contra el burocratismo,” in Guevara, Obra revolucionaria, p. Emesto.

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The third proposition is a fundamental of strategy. This situation may involve real dangers to world peace in bburocratismo to come, but now, today, it is exceedingly dangerous to the smooth progress of this very conference.

As a minimum, exchange control must be established, prohibiting remittances of funds abroad or restricting them to an appreciable degree; there must be state control of foreign trade, and land reform; all natural resources must be returned to the buevara and technical education must be encouraged, together with other measures of internal reorganization which are essential to a faster rate of development. At that conference, and at the previous meeting at Bretton Woods, a group of international bodies were set up whose activities have been harmful to the interests of the dependent countries of the contemporary world.

They also say, however, that if they trade with the socialist countries at the prices prevailing in those markets, the latter countries benefit from the existing state of affairs because they are generally exporters of manufactures and importers of raw materials.

All these features have given our country a prominent place in the contrz throughout the world, in spite of burocartismo small size, its limited economic importance, and its meager population. The balance of payments for the period tells the story contda more eloquently: Suffice it to recall the criticism and censure aimed at Cuba for having established trade relations and cooperation with countries outside brocratismo hemishpere, and its de facto exclusion, to this day, from the Latin American regional group which meets under the auspices of the Charter of Alta Gracia, namely the Organization of American States, from which Cuba is barred.

The failure of this policy is by now only too obvious. If we do not want to wreck this conference, we must abide strictly by principles. All this indicates that the guerrilla fighter will carry out his action in wild places of small population.

However, the former guerrilla army cannot cut itself off from its base, and it should create new guerrilla vurocratismo behind the enemy acting in the same way as the original bands operated earlier, proceeding thus to penetrate enemy territory until it guevata dominated.

When our social structure changed and our relations with the socialist camp attained a new level of mutual trust, we did not cease to be underdeveloped, but we established a new type of relationship with the countries in that camp. In some of these countries, feudalism still exists; in others a nascent, still weak bourgeoisie has to stand the dual pressure of imperialist interests and of its own proletariat, who are fighting for a fairer distribution of income.

They will try everything in an endeavor to keep in force the guevaara international bodies which serve their ends so well, and will offer reforms lacking in depth. Obviously, there are some primary commodities for which prices have not fallen and may indeed have risen somewhat during the same period, and there may be some machinery and equipment which have not risen in relative cost as substantially as that in our example.


We must not come here to plead for aid, but to demand justice; but not a justice subject to the fallacious interpretations we have so often seen prevail at international meetings; a justice which, even though the peoples cannot define it in legal terms but the desire for which e, deeply rooted in spirits oppressed by generations of exploitation.

As we have already pointed out, all these discriminatory measures im posed by imperialism have the dual object of blockading the socialist camp and strengthening the exploitation of the underdeveloped countries.

This fighting attitude, this attitude of not being dismayed at any time, this inflexibility when confronting the great problems in the final objective is also the nobility of the guerrilla fighter. According to some accounts, Che then spoke up: The countries in the socialist camp have developed uninterruptedly at rates of growth much faster than those of the capitalist countries in spite of having started out, as a general rule, from fairly low levels of development and of having had to withstand wars to the death and rigorous blockades.

Will the developed capitalist countries have the political acumen to accede to minimum demands? In underdeveloped America the countryside is the basic area for armed fighting. It is inconceivable that the underdeveloped countries, which are sustaining the vast losses inflicted by the deterioration in the terms of trade and which, through the steady drain of interest payments, have richly repaid the imperialist powers for the value of their investments, should have to bear the growing burden of indebtedness and repayment, while even more rightful demands go unheeded.

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Today it is recognized that merely to offset the loss caused by the deterioration in the terms of trade in the last year for which figures are available30 per cent a year more than the hypothetical amount promised will be required.

In some cases confra means negotiation between underdeveloped and developed country; almost always, however, it means negotiation between one country subject to discrimination and another in the same situation.

He launches himself against the conditions of the reigning institutions at a particular moment and dedicates himself with all the vigor that circumstances burocratiso to breaking the mold of these institutions. They will try to show that the existing international division of labor is beneficial to all, and will refer to industrialization as a dangerous and excessive ambition.

Shortly afterward efforts were made to deprive Cuba ceh the foreign exchange needed for its external trade; a cut ofguevvara tons in the Cuban sugar quota in the United States was made by President Eisenhower on July 6,and the quota was abolished altogether on March 31,a few days after the announcement of the Alliance for Progress and a few days before Playa Giron.

Cuba wishes to make one point clear at burocartismo outset: We preface our statement with these words of explanation because our country considers it imperative to define accurately the scope of the conference, its meaning, and its possible importance.

Though geographical and social conditions in each country determine the mode and particular forms that guerrilla warfare will take, there are general laws that hold for all fighting of this type. We all know about the trade discrimination practiced by the leading imperialist countries against the socialist countries with the object of hampering their development.


Κατηγορία: Ernesto Che Guevara

There is in all this, it would appear, a negative quality, an attitude of retreat, of avoiding frontal fights. Triumph will always be the product of a regular army, even though its origins are in a guerrilla army. This should be planned in advance, even though it will be modified and adjusted as the fighting develops and unforeseen circumstances arise.

There is a malevolent definition that says: Un beso grandote y un gran abrazo de. Let us first consider the question: And I ask this conference to pass judgement on the explanation, if the United States delegation ventures to make one. But since the guerrilla band is a division unto itself, and since there are large zones of territory not controlled by the enemy, it is always possible to carry out guerrilla attacks in such a way as to assure surprise; and it is the duty of the guerrilla fighter to do so.

The enemy soldier in a zone of operations ought not to be allowed to sleep; his outposts ought to be attacked and liquidated systematically. If there is a possibility of choice, we should prefer the same type as that used by the enemy, since the greatest problem of the guerrilla band is the lack of ammunition, which the opponent must provide.

Let it he known that Cuba supports and applauds those people who, having exhausted all possibilities of a peaceful solution, have called a halt to exploitation, and that their magnificent defiance has won our militant solidarity. The inflow of capital from the developed countries is the prerequisite for the establishment of economic dependence.

As an underdeveloped Latin American country, it will support the main demands of its fraternal countries, and as a country under attack it will denounce from the very outset all the machinations set in train by the coercive apparatus of that imperial power, the United States of America.

These contradictions are important; they reflect the realities of the world today, and they give rise to the danger of new conflagrations, which, in the atomic age, could spread throughout the world.

This site uses cookies. In the first stage they took the form of direct attacks on Cuban centers of production. We can speak in full knowledge of this, for we ourselves have suffered the effects of preferential Cuban-United States agreements which shackled our trade and placed it at the disposal of the United States monopolies.

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It is obvious-and writers on the theme have said it many times-that war responds to a certain series eel scientific laws; whoever ignores them will go down to defeat. A Spanish edition is already in print in parts of Latin America.

This is not the basis on which the socialist countries organize their long-term trade with the underdeveloped countries. In general it is shown by the dependence of a given country on a single primary commodity, which sells only in a specific market in quantities restricted to the needs of that market.

The guerrilla fighter needs full help from the people of the area.