Part number: PDF-MANUAL-CORIOMASTER. For use with CORIOmaster and CORIOmaster mini running firmware version M or later. 4K Videowall Controller with 5 free slots for I/O Modules Modules: HDBaseT, DVI, HDMI, 3G-SDI, VGA, YPbPr, YC, CV, H, Player 1 x CM-DVIU-2IN installed. Compact all-in-one videowall processor, Manufacturer: tvONE, Product Name: C CORIOmaster mini, SKU: TV1-C, Category: Video Wall.

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Windows can be sized to fit the screen or degrees can be added, resized and rotated on the video screen regardless of output rotation.

Finance only available to UK incorporated limited companies. Each video wall can have a maximum of 14 windows depending on the source resolution, frame rate and size of window.

TVONE CORIOmaster mini – Modular scaler for events

Spec Sheet Instruction Manual Application: Canvas preview on Dashboard corrupted. Partner with tvONE, the industry leader and the only company to stand behind its products with a comprehensive five-year warranty. Custom DVI-I adapters provide connections for: Outputs can be independently rotated degrees without adding video delay. Prior to the point of sale CVP will endeavour to match the price on most products subject but not limited to the following criteria:.


Position, size, stretch and rotate one or more video windows. TV One, a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge video and multimedia processing equipment, today announced the shipping of the new CORIOmaster mini, the industry’s first all-in-one videowall processor.

Input Cropping via Window Properties Pane.

Videowall Processors

Value Discount above Order now and we’ll deliver when available – Normally delivered in under 7 working days but may be subject to variation. We understand the importance of min and we offer preferential pricing to all bona-fide educational establishments wherever possible, whether that be a one-off equipment order or a miini design and installation of bespoke multimedia facilities, we have you covered.

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Competitors final cost including Postage and Packaging will be taken into account. Add Network Settings view in settings US The module also enables H. Presets can also be selected randomly with the CORIO firmware automatically calculating the difference from preset to preset. Click here for details.

The prices and options do not include shipping regulations and duties coriomasetr will be checked in the checkout process.

All transactions are subject to CVP security checks which are for our mutual protection against identity theft and fraud. No other promotional offers or vouchers can be used on top of the price match.


There are 36 maximum system windows that can be used on up to 4 video walls. Change Window Snapping to snap to Display Viewable area only. Find what event is right for you. From a single Universal DVI module inserted into five available AV slots, the mini supports the full range of analogue and digital formats as well as up, down or cross conversion to virtually any HD or PC Resolution.

TVONE CORIOmaster mini – Modular scaler for events – Avacab

The unit packages many of the powerful features of the CORIOmaster in a low-profile rack unit and delivers creativity and control at a low price. The competitors price can be verified in writing.

Projector Edge Blending to combine multiple Presets can also be selected randomly with the CORIO firmware automatically calculating the difference from preset to preset.

Projector Edge Blending to combine multiple projectors with multiple video displays Highly fl exible window management: Video Processing Power Parallel Processing: For more information on our data policies, please visit our Privacy Policy.