It is like stumbling across an alien manuscript, something unearthly and beautifully rendered, but incomprehensible. Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise has been. Graphic Scores from “Treatise” by Cornelius Cardew Cornelius Cardew ( – ) was a British music composer, who worked as an. Treatise [Score] – Cornelius Cardew PDF [35Mb] ‘Treatise is a graphic musical.

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Except where otherwise noted, the content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. On 11th March 65 for example, Cardew was obviously thinking about the score while reflecting on the central black line that runs throughout the piece with only the occasional break; Treatise: It is apparently only meant to indicate that the graphic elements are musical, not purely artistic, in character.

However, he says that graphic artists and mathematicians may be corneliua prepared to creatively interpret the score although they may have less capability controlling a musical instrument and producing their desired sound. As such, performances of this work will naturally reflect the interpretation of its performer s more than necessarily the score as a traditional composition.

Working notes is a chronologically arranged collection cardsw personal notes made by Cardew during the years he spent writing the score from to Any number of musicians using any media are free to participate in a ‘reading’ of this score He describes his experimentation as a member of the improvisatory group AMM. Connected with this is the proposition that improvisation cannot be rehearsed.


In writing this score, Cardew has taken great care to not suggest ways in which it should be read or interpreted by performers of the work. Cardew has noticed that well trained musicians that can over-interpret tdeatise work Treatise in the sense that they might attempt to literally read the score in a method as close as possible to a reading of standard western notation.

Is it likely that it is reducible to electrical impulses on tapes and the oscillation of a loudspeaker membrane? Views Read Edit View history. This period of experimentation seems to have allowed Cardew to consider the role of the improviser as a kind of athlete. Musicality is a dimension of perfectly ordinary reality. During the instrumentation of the group expanded far beyond saxophone, piano, violin and guitar.

Treatise Cardew is a graphic score by Cornelius Cardew. The tapes have been carefully restored and remastered, but there’s still plenty of vintage analogue airiness to the sound. His thoughts resonate with a raw earthiness appropriate to the score.

Compositions by Cornelius Cardew compositions.

Treatise (music)

Some of the symbols in the score clearly echo western notation. Who can say in what consists the mode of operation of this language?

Here is a visual analysis of the composition. Also by Petr Kotik on Mode: Training is substituted for rehearsal, and a certain moral discipline is an essential part of this training. It’s abundantly clear that the musicians were grappling with something difficult here, and that they’d spent some considerable time corneliks their performance.

Cornelius Cardew: Treatise

My attitude is that the musical and the real worlds are one. Identification with nature is similar to preparedness. Posted by Phillip Henderson.


Not so sure I like it much, but, if “every honest utterance makes sense” Cardewit certainly has its place here along with Kotik’s squeaking trumpet played with a bassoon reed and bouncing ping pong balls.

The graphic richness of the score and its resemblance to abstract composition allow the piece to exist also as a purely visual work. cradew

This kind of thing happens in improvisation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Una nube de […]. This October recording of the work – not the complete score, as Petr Kotik’s liner notes here make clear it would have been nice to know which pages were performed Cardw symbols are for sounding and what for orientation.

Concerning Temporality in Music: Treatise & Treatise Handbook, by Cornelius Cardew

Curiously, Cardew did not withdraw Treatise from publication despite his repudiation. Herbert Bayer’s Small Architectural Projects Herbert Bayer was a prolific graphic designer and typography designer who also worked as a…. Subsequently Cardew embraced Maoism and wholeheartedly repudiated this and other works of his avant-garde period.

This page was last edited on 26 Octoberat But it is composed according to musical principles and is intended to serve as a score for musicians to play from. We worked regularly over a long period of time, ending up with a 2-hour version of the piece Alternatively cornlius could allow forms of improvisation.