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In the present article, we have described the methodology that will be used to assess the relationship between cost-effectiveness and cost-utility. Although this dysfunctional learning tends to lead to symptom chronicity and the development of new, comorbid disorders, the process is considered to be reversible.

A limitation of this study is that health care in Spain is managed independently in each of the 17 autonomous regions of Spain. All patients in the control group will receive standard treatment TAU from their GP according to the usual criteria.

The national legislative norms have been modified in Spain, and now only one national Ethics Committee is required for RCTs. Multicenter, randomized controlled trial involving patients recruited from PC centers in Madrid, Spain, with symptoms or possible diagnosis of anxiety, mood mild or moderateor somatoform disorders.

The PHQ includes 13 somatic symptoms, with a maximum score of The measurement of disability.

The maximum score is The main outcomes are the clinical symptoms assessed by the Derivaciobes Introduction Emotional disorders EDs —especially anxiety, mood, and somatoform disorders—are the most prevalent types of mental disorders in Spain Haro et al. Sub-study 4 is a study to assess the value of using the PHQ-4 to detect EDs in PC centers before the patient sees the GP; the aim is to reduce misdiagnoses of EDs and to accelerate referral to the clinical psychologist in the second phase of the recruitment process.

Conflict of Interest Statement The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

The study was also approved by the three first local Ethics Committees: To obtain more precise cost-utility ratios, these ratios will be calculated by means of the bootstrapping method a resampling methodwhich involves creating a large number of samples with replacement from the original sample data, thus allowing for a distribution that better resembles the actual distribution of the population from which the original data was drawn.


Data are available from the promoter Spain for researchers who meet the criteria for access to confidential data. Please review our privacy policy. For all these reasons, it is essential to conduct an economic sub-study as part of the PsicAP clinical trial.

Prevalence of mental disorders and associated factors: The experimental group will receive group-based CBT and the control group will receive TAU mainly pharmacological interventions. All the variables will be collected for the following time points: Six protocol amendments have been presented during the course of this trial:.

Assignment of Interventions Allocation After informed consent is obtained, participants are randomly assigned to either the treatment or control group by a researcher, according to a blind research design, using a computer-generated allocation sequence, thus assuring comparable groups on main outcomes. In addition, patients will be randomly allocated to the treatment or control group and will not know which treatment they will receive until allocation.

JMIR Publications

Emotional disorders EDs —especially anxiety, mood, and somatoform disorders—are the most prevalent types of mental disorders in Spain Haro et al. Before a new health mecrano program can be widely implemented in any health care system, it is necessary to not only demonstrate the effectiveness of the derivciones, but also to assess the intervention in terms of costs and benefits.

Potasium loading test in the differentiation of T wave abnormalities. However, the unique characteristics of the cases in each group will be taken into consideration.

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That initiative has been very successful, resulting in substantially improved treatment outcomes while simultaneously reducing costs particularly due to decreased drug prescriptions compared to the usual PC treatment Radhakrishnan et al. Uttle Brown, Boston Co. If a replacement worker is needed, then this will be registered as an indirect cost as well.

Considering that EDs affect nearly one-third of PC patients, this would have important implications, as evidence-based interventions recommended by clinical practice guidelines should lead to better outcomes and improved QOL in our patients. Patients who discontinue or drop out of treatment will still be invited to complete the post-treatment follow-up assessments, particularly the first post-treatment assessment.


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Maximum treadmill exercise test in patent with abnormal control electrocardiograms. Patients will be randomly allocated to one of two groups—an experimental group and a control group—both of which will be treated in a PC setting.

Exercise induced U wave inversion as a markar of stanosis of the artery descending coronary anterior. Received May 16; Accepted Feb A more recent version—the PHQ Kroenke et al. Studies in electrocardiogram changes during exercise test. Approval was received by both agencies in Novemberprior to study initiation in December All professionals participating in the study agreed to adhere to the Helsinki Declaration and to Spanish law.

Measures of disability will be included in the secondary outcomes. Moreover, two different types of economic evaluation will be carried out. The analysis will help us establish a relationship between treatment cost and effectiveness based on the health care outcomes measured through previously validated questionnaires.

Treatment adequacy of anxiety and depressive disorders: Thus, the economic evaluation depends on the social perspective of the individual, in which patients express preferences about their health. If results are as expected, this may lead to a proposal for a new referral model in Spanish PC centers.

Three PC centers, two in Andalusia 2 and one in Cantabria 1were added to the list of participating centers. EDs are believed to originate from a dual process of dysfunctional emotional learning over time that involves both cognitive increasing use of cognitive distortions and associative classical conditioning in some significant emotional events learning.