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Code of Administrative Court Procedure (Verwaltungsgerichtsordnung, VwGO)

The above translation was published by the the Federal Ministry of Justice. If a judge is unable to attend, the presiding judge shall have the casting vote. In the case of all other rescissory actions, the territorial jurisdiction subject to Nos. Suche in diesem Dokument nach. This shall also apply to constitutive and declaratory administrative acts, as well as to administrative acts with a double effect section 80a.

Instead of the document to be announced, an addmin may be made public stating where the document may be inspected. Section In order to completely or partly deal with the legal dispute, those concerned eisenbahngeseetz reach a settlement for the record of the court or of the commissioned or admih judge insofar as they are able to dispose of the subject-matter of the settlement. They must meet the preconditions for nomination as honorary judges. They may address expedient questions to witnesses and to expert witnesses.

Section 80, subsections 5 to 8, shall apply mutatis mutandis. If the senate from whose ruling a derogation is to be made because of an alteration to the business schedule can no longer be seized with the legal question, the senate shall replace it which according to the business schedule would now have jurisdiction for the case in which a derogating ruling was handed down.

For the transmission of electronic documents, the entirety of the documents shall be equipped with a qualified electronic signature in accordance with section 2 No. Section 21 1 The following shall be excluded from holding the office of eisenbahngezetz judge 1.

It eisenbahngesetzz furthermore be published in daily newspapers which are disseminated in the area in which the ruling is likely to exert an impact. The execution court shall be the court of first instance. The court should subpoena persons who are recognisably particularly affected by the ruling, also without request.

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The proceedings shall be restored to the state in which they were prior to the conclusion of the oral hearing. Each party concerned shall bear their own out-of-court costs.


The regulations of the classification of information for staff shall apply to the non-judicial staff. Sectionsubsection 2, third to fifth sentences, shall apply mutatis mutandis. Should the Higher Administrative Court come to the conclusion that the legal provision is invalid, it shall declare it to be null and void; in this case, the ruling shall be generally binding, and the respondent shall be required to publish the ruling in exactly the same manner as the legal provision would be required to be made public.

Die private und administrative. Xdmin announcement may additionally take place in an information and communication system designated by the court for announcements. The rejection of admission shall be incontestable. Section 59 If a federal authority issues a written or electronic administrative act which is subject to challenge, a declaration shall be enclosed by means of which the party concerned is informed of the appeal that is admissible against the administrative act, of the agency at which the appeal is to be submitted, and eisenbwhngesetz the deadline.

The judgment shall become final when the complaint is rejected by the Federal Administrative Court. Appeals against procedural acts by authorities may only be asserted at the same time as appeals which are admissible against the eisenbahgnesetz decision.

Where can I Download pdf creator for free? The facts and evidence serving as reasoning should be stated; the original or a duplicate of the impugned order and the ruling on an objection should be enclosed. Section 39 The Court may not be assigned any administrative business outside court administration. I’ll be really very grateful. Section 1 Costs shall be constituted by the court costs fees and expenses and the expenditure of those concerned necessary to properly pursue or defend rights, including the costs of the preliminary proceedings.

If the costs are offset against one another, the court costs shall be imposed on each in halves. If the document does not meet the requirements, this shall be notified to the sender without delay, esienbahngesetz the technical conditions applicable to the court.

The senates for appeal eisenhahngesetz points of fact and law formed in accordance with this Code shall replace the senates for appeal on points of law. The deadline shall also be deemed to have been adhered to by virtue of its being lodged with the authority which has to issue the ruling on an objection.

Section 61 The following shall be able to take part in the proceedings 1. Fisenbahngesetz plaintiff of the appeal on points of fact and law shall be informed in the call of the legal consequences emerging from the first sentence and sectionsubsection 2. Section risenbahngesetz The following Acts which derogate from the present Act shall remain unaffected: Administrative jurisdiction shall be exercised by eisenbahngeaetz courts separated eisenbahnesetz the administrative authorities.


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Over and above this, only the following shall be empowered to represent the person concerned as a proxy-holder before the administrative court 1. If these cannot be complied with, or if the competent supervisory authority claims that special reasons of confidentiality or classification of information oppose the submission of the certificates or files or the transmission of the electronic documents to the court, the submission or transmission shall be effected in accordance with the fifth sentence by the certificates, files or electronic documents being made available to the court on premises designated by the supreme supervisory authority.

Section The Higher Administrative Court shall rule on the complaint by an order. Section The ruling of the court against the decisions of the commissioned or requested judge or of the clerk can be applied for within two weeks after announcement. Section 48 1 The Higher Administrative Court shall rule at first instance on all disputes concerning 1.

Section a 1 The administrative court shall admit the appeal on points of fact and law in the judgment if the grounds of sectionsubsection 2, No. Derogating from the second sentence, No.

Section Section of the Code of Civil Procedure shall apply mutatis mutandis if the party obliged to pay the costs consists of several persons. Specialist senates shall be formed at the Higher Administrative Courts and the Federal Administrative Court for the decisions to be taken in accordance with section 99, subsection 2. Section 67, subsection 4, shall remain unaffected.

If the represented party submits such a declaration, the power of attorney shall only expire if the appointment of another proxy-holder is notified at the same time. Section If with an application for an injunction a claim is contentious in terms of its reason and amount, the court may rule in advance on the reason by means of an interim judgment.