In , the Endorois won the landmark case Centre for Minority Rights Development and Minority Rights Group International (on behalf of. On 23rd and 24th April , Kenya National Commission on Human Rights ( KNCHR) joined other national human rights institutions in Africa. by Rhodri C. Williams Every now and then, a judicial decision comes along that seems to snap a fuzzy area of law into crisp focus. One such.

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We are currently discussing the Endorois case and I was wondering if the situation has changed significantly since your article dated ?

Kenya: ruling in the Endorois case

I salute the leadership of Endorois welfare council EWCtheir partners who supported this cause and the entire Endorois community. In doing so, they clearly anchor the collective enjoyment of indigenous rights in the protection of ancestral lands: The Kampala Convention on internal displacement in Africa: In a nutshell, traditional possession must be recognized as title and wrongful casw cannot extinguish it para.

December 31, News Release. Online books on land law in Africa TerraNullius. May 1, at In Novemberthe African Commission issued a resolution calling on the government of Kenya to take concrete steps towards implementation and to immediately file a comprehensive report on implementation with the Commission.

Brian Pareno Solonka 30th July Its saddening how its difficult to implement international decisions on a sovereign state. fase

Kenya: Landmark Ruling on Indigenous Land Rights | Human Rights Watch

Throughout andthe government of Kenya failed to take any significant action on the recommendations. You did justice endoeois your review on our Endorois case.


Following that ruling, the mining company abandoned its activities. Kindly shed some light on how I can join that highly esteemed school. It is the first ruling to determine who are indigenous peoples in Africa, and what are their rights to land.

The Endorois case | ESCR-Net

Learn more I understand. In an effort to push the endorlis of Kenya to comply with the decision and implement its recommendations, the African Commission held an implementation hearing in Aprilat which the Government was called on to redress its earlier failures to present the Commission with a roadmap to implementation. The Endorois people were evicted from their traditional lands near Lake Bogoria in central Kenya in the s, relocated to an area unsuitable for their pastoral way of life and granted only sporadic access to sites central to their spiritual beliefs.

These latest developments represent a tentative step towards implementation of the decision, but the fact remains that legislation and task forces are not enough: The judgement was a historic victory for the Ogiek, who were acknowledged as indigenous and won both compensation from the government of Kenya and the right to stay in the Mau forest.

The Endorois can no longer afford to wait […] Reply. Endprois you passionate about protecting the rights of minority and indigenous people worldwide? December 18, News Release. March 16, Report. July 7, News Release.

Please be in touch rcw yahoo. Get updates on human rights issues from around the globe. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Williams Every now and then, a judicial decision comes along that seems to snap a fuzzy area of law into crisp focus. The Economist special report on global food security TerraNullius. Indigenous Endorois community’s long pursuit for justice after eviction to pave way for a game reserve Author: Written on 08 April Skip to main content. Politics as internal conflict by other means?


The Commission first confirms that the lands in question are the traditional territory of the Endorois, based on centuries of uncontested pre occupation and use as well as the failure of the respondent Government to dispute this point: One MP openly challenged the Minister of Lands in Parliament about this delay in January ; the official response from the Minister was that he would not be able to take any action until he received an official sealed copy of the decision — despite the fact casse the decision had been officially adopted and published one year earlier.

Hi Rhodri, Thanks for this great article. The Minority Voices Newsroom is an online multimedia library that allows members of minority and indigenous communities to upload, download and share their stories.