Search for Senna (Everworld #1)[] & Land of Loss (Everworld #2)[] [ K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. David, Jalil, April, and Christopher have been pulled into a world that defies everything they once believed. Wolves the size of elephants, beings who consider. Land of Loss (Everworld #2) has pages. Reading Length provides a calculation for the word count of this book, find out how long it will take you to read!.

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I’m not the best summarizer I’ve always hated those questions on my school papersbut I felt I should start putting a review on some of my books. I only give five stars when the story grabs every emotion out of me. The book ends with a dragon capturing Senna to take to Merlin. Did they travel back in time? He was shaped like a man. They are keeping each oand in check this way, and, probably because of it, keeping evedworld other alive too.

Website Enter your URL then click here to include a link to one of your blog posts. This is a great book. He, unlike David, just really wants to go home. I also liked the addition everdorld the CooHatch.

Project Everworld: Book #2 Land of Loss – The Moonlight Library

Master of your domain. Preview — Land of Loss by Katherine Applegate. Diet, Weight Loss Paperback Books.

I trust a guy who looks sick when he’s getting ready to do something suicidal. So he’s not invulnerable.

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David, you’d be lucky to walk back before you fell asleep in your tracks. After a while they were taken to a building with lots of food and pretty women. Write a customer review. I’d see more of it in my nightmares, of that I was sure. The characters spend all their time wandering around with no clear goals wondering what to do, and as a reader I find that frustrating.

Talk to me, Rob and Laura; make me laugh, make me laugh at all the jokes I’ve heard and seen a million times before.

Land of Loss

Three all-American kids with a lifetime of soap and deodorant jingles playing in their head. First of all, i read lane the first and second Everworld books in the same volume.

The only time they are in the real world, Earth, is when they are sleeping in the Ever World. When it was almost Christopher’s turn, he sees April in the temple. I could feel the lsnd sitting down deep inside my brain, curled up like a rattlesnake in my unconscious mind, ready to strike when I was vulnerable. It probably looked funny. Narrated in Christopher’s voice, I always enjoyed the story told from his point of view.

We have not quite seen enough of their life philosophies for this to make sense — at least, eveerworld clues were not quite there in my reading of their characters— and I would think they would be more likely to take recent experiences as fodder to throw around. Some of them just have their character traits repeated a lot–especially Jalil, who seems to live to comment that Everworld is not scientifically possible and exists to scoff at magic even when he’s seen it work.


At the beginning, The Vikings and the Aztecs are in a lxnd with each other.

Preview of Land of Loss Summary:. View on Amazon Learn more on Reading Length.

With imagination, death is detailed. I thought the first book was an ok read, but the sequel was even harder to read. Oct 02, Alex rated it really liked it Eveeworld I can understand Christopher, Jalil, and David getting into an argument and it frankly is not surprising. Any Condition Any Condition.

Alive…in the human sense… Refresh and try again. At first i was disappointed in the fact that the narrators change from the first book to the second. I’m just saying he doesn’t seem to be able to keep his people fed. And the cannibal Aztecs are no less unnerving.

The four of us are all any of us has. Eversorld when you koss up in Everworl The story continues, and switches perspective in every book. I do not like Senna, not one bit.

Building the Cycling City: The story continues, and switches perspective in every book.