A HBM: public. 3. Application. The T40B torque flange measures static and dynamic torques on stationary and rotating shafts. Test beds can. Consult HBM Test and Measurement’s entire Torque T40B catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/8. The key features of T40B, a digital torque transducer from HBM are ruggedness and accuracy. It is equipped with a magnetic rotational speed measuring system.

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T40 family – Brochure Russian.

Torque T40B – HBM Test and Measurement – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Determining the rotor position or the positioning accuracy demands high angular resolution. Speed in rpm, encoder Channel 4 PX lower connector: T40B is outstanding for its precision, reproducibility and robustness nbm is particularly well suited for static and dynamic torque measurement.

T40B – Mounting Instructions. Download article as PDF. Supply voltage and frequency output signal.

With anti-clockwise rotation to the leftsignal A is one phase ahead of signal B. Modern test technology helps by reducing development timesdespite the ever-increasing complexity of concepts and requirements. The generated sine and cosine signals are digitized by downstream electronics. Open the catalog to page 4.

This is known as quadruple evaluation. Only a true multi-purpose instrument gives you long-term reliable measurement results: Reliable measured values are the result. These examples are simply for the purpose of illustration. The magnetic plastic ring’s metal carrier is mounted onto the torque transducer’s second free sensor, so it is fully integrated.


Top-quality test benches of HBM’s own calibration laboratory ensure reliable measurement results of the T Open the catalog to page 6. The mechanical and application-specific features of the measurement sensor must not be impaired by the speed measuring system. Signals A and B now generate one pulse per pole pair. T40B offers maximum flexibility.

Torque Measurement Applications

HBMshop See prices, availability and get an instant quote. The out-of-phase signal pair A and B is also hbk a quadrature signalbecause it allows increasing the resolution further. Apply Settings according to the figure below. The magnetic field is modulated by the relative motion between material measure and sensor.

The periodic sine and cosine signals are further subdivided by interpolation, thereby further increasing the basic resolution by electronic means.

Open the catalog to page 3.

The disadvantage is that the absolute position is no longer known after a power failure because the rotational speed measuring system measures only the change compared to the initial position. Precision at its best: Incremental transmission from the rotational speed measuring system to the drive controller offers the advantage that only two signals are required for transmitting information about direction of motion, speed and relative position.

T40B is based on the tried and tested T40 torque transducer and is convincing through many new features. The optional magnetic rotational speed measuring system also makes it possible to implement angle of rotation measurements in conjunction with the reference signal.


For this reason, a so-called reference run is performed at power-on. Equation to calculate the power: The T40B is a universal torque transducer suited for test bench applications. As a result, digital signal transmission is highly immune hmb interference, so it is the ideal solution for t400b cable lengths or for use in areas subject to electromagnetic fields. We provide you with the right version for every application. All T40 series transducers have the integrated digital communication interface TMC Torque Measurement Communication as a standard feature.

Universal Torque Transducer | T40B | Digital Torque Meter | HBM

Power is calculated by multiplying the previous introduced internal channels. Constantly improving the performance of your products secures a competitive edge and increases market share.

Please click here to download CAD files. T40B torque transducer with rotational speed measuring system and reference pulse. The independent test bench service provider APL has over 70 state-of-the-art motor and component test benches, and relies on HBM measurement technology.