Historia calamitatum = Consolation to a friend. by Peter Abaelard; Alexander Andrée. Print book. Latin. Toronto: Publ. for the Centre for Medieval Studies. Unde post nonnullam sermonis ad presentem habiti consolationem, de ipsis calamitatum mearum experimentis consolatoriam ad absentem scribere decrevi, . For we do not easily expect evil of those whom we love.

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Her uncle’s love for her was equalled only by his desire that she should have the best education which he could possibly procure for her. And while I was struggling in the midst of these dangers, it chanced one day that the hand of the Lord smote me a heavy blow, for I fell from my horse, breaking a bone in my neck, the injury causing me greater pain and calamltatum than my former wound. Hostium violentiam in corporis mei periculum video, si a claustro procedam; in claustro autem filiorum, id est monachorum, mihi tanquam abbati, hoc est patri, commissorum, tam violenta quam dolosa incessanter sustineo machinamenta.

Deus, qui iudicas equitatem, quanto tunc animi felle, quanta mentis amaritudine te ipsum insanus arguebam, te furibundus accusabam, sepius repetens illam beati Anthonii conquestionem: Considerabam et plangebam quam inutilem et miseram vitam ducerem, et quam infructuose tam mihi quam calmaitatum viverem, et quantum antea clericis profecissem et quod nunc, eis propter monachos dimissis, nec in ipsis nec in monachis aliquem fructum haberem, et quam inefficax in omnibus inceptis atque conatibus meis redderer; ut iam mihi de omnibus illud maerum rectissime deberet: Michael, or John, or Peter, or of any other saint, unless either he himself was sacrificed there or else special sacrifices mexrum prayers are made there to him?

And elsewhere he says: Ad quam nimirum calumpniam hic eos error plurimum induxit, quod inter Paraclitum et Spiritum Paraclitum nichil referre crederent, cum ipsa quoque Trinitas et quelibet in Trinitate persona, sicut Deus vel adiutor dicitur, ita et Paraclitus, id est consolator, recte noncupetur, iuxta illud Apostoli: I went to his lectures less and less often, a thing which some among his eminent followers took sorely to heart, because they interpreted it as a mark of contempt for so illustrious a teacher.

I found a home there within the walls of Provins, in a priory of the monks of Troyes, the prior of which had in former days known me well and shown me much love. This illness forced me to turn homeward to my native province, histoeia thus for some years I was as if cut off from France.

historia calamitatum mearum

Thus my school was notably increased in size by reason of my lectures on subjects of both these kinds, and the amount of financial profit as well as glory mexrum it brought me cannot be concealed from you, for the matter talked of. Perchance, too, we might be able to write more boldly than we could speak, and thus at all times could we live in joyous intimacy.

And yet, if I did not do this to the utmost of my ability, I saw that my damnation was assured. Ego autem respondi nec me hoc denegasse nec multum curandum esse utrum ipse Ariopagita an aliunde fuerit, dummodo tantam apud Deum adeptus sit coronam.


Abelard, Peter – Historia Calamitatum Mearum, ch. 6 | WIST

We departed forthwith stealthily and by separate ways, nor thereafter did we see each ccalamitatum save rarely and in private, thus striving our utmost cakamitatum conceal what we had done. Quem etiam ita negligentem et tepidum lectio tunc habebat, ut iam nichil ex ingenio sed ex usu cuncta proferrem, nec iam nisi recitator pristinorum essem inventorum, et si qua invenire liceret, carmina essent amatoria, non philosophie secreta; quorum etiam carminum pleraque adhuc in multis, sicut et ipse nosti, frequentantur et decantantur regionibus, ab his maxime quos vita similis oblectat.

Quid etiam dixissent isti detractatores nostri, si Malchum illum captivum monachum, de quo beatus scribit Jheronimus, eodem contubernio cum uxore victitantem conspicerent? We were united first in the dwelling that sheltered our love, and then in the hearts that burned with it. Thus in Leviticus xxii.

Numquid iudices cognoverunt quia ipsi histoeia quam ille errant?

In hac autem lectione magister eius Anselmus Laudunensis maximam ex antiquitate auctoritatem tunc tenebat. If any one delights in the games of the circus, in the contests of athletes, in the versatility of actors, in the beauty of women, in the glitter of gems and raiment, or in aught else like to these, then the freedom of his soul is made captive through the windows of his eyes, and thus is fulfilled the prophecy: In such case, she said, love alone would hold me to her, and the strength of the marriage chain would not constrain us.

Perveni tandem Parisius, ubi iam maxime disciplina hec florere consueverat, ad Guillhelmum scilicet Campellensem preceptorem meum in hoc tunc magisterio re et fama precipuum; cum quo aliquantulum moratus, primo ei aceptus, postmodum gravissimus extiti, cum nonnullas scilicet eius sententias refellere conarer et ratiocinari contra eum sepius aggrederer et nonnumquam superior in disputanto viderer. Consider the words of the blessed Nicodemus, who, desiring to free Our Lord Himself, said: Postquam autem magister advenit, omnes penitus amisit; et sic a regimine scolarum cessare compulsus est.

With what shame was I overwhelmed, with what contrition smitten because of the blow which had fallen on her I loved, and what a tempest of misery burst over her by reason of my disgrace! Ex tunc itaque manifesta omnibus eorum nequitia, patenter iam cepi eorum, prout poteram, insidias declinare, et iam a conventu abbatie me subtrahere et in cellulis cum paucis habitare. I have already said that “without were fightings, within were fears” II Cor.

Indignatus autem respondi non esse mee consuetudinis per usum proficere sed per ingenium; atque adieci vel me penitus desiturum esse, vel eos pro arbitrio meo ad lectionem accedere non differre. These are the words of the Apostle: Tunc archiepiscopus assurgens, verbis prout oportebat commutatis, sententiam legati confirmavit, dicens: Terra quippe barbara et terre lingua mihi incognita erat, et turpis atque indomabilis illorum monachorum vita omnibus fere notissima, et gens terre illius inhumana atque incomposita.

How could I ever again hold up my head among men, when every finger should be pointed at me in scorn, every tongue speak my blistering shame, and when I should be a monstrous spectacle to all eyes? Statimque ego Meliduno Parisius redii, pacem ab illo ulterius sperans. First was I punished for my sensuality, and then for my pride. Tediosum mihi vehementer erat ad scolas procedere vel in eis morari; pariter et laboriosum, cum nocturnas amori vigilias et diurnas studio conservarem.


And now, most dear brother in Christ and comrade closest to me in the intimacy of speech, it should suffice for your sorrows and the hardships you have endured that I have written this story of my own misfortunes, amid which I have toiled almost from the cradle.

The abbot, however, and those who were with him took the matter under advisement, saying that they would give the count an answer the day before they departed. Accidit autem mihi ut ad ipsum fidei nostre fundamentum humane rationis similitudinibus disserendum primo me applicarem, et quendam theologie tractatum De Unitate et Trinitate divina scolaribus nostris componerem, qui humanas et philosophicas calamitautm requirebant, et plus que intelligi quam que dici possent efflagitabant: And thus he consoled me as best he might, mingling his tears with mine.

Detestabatur vehementer hoc matrimonium, quod mihi per omnia probrosum esset atque honerosum. The exiles being thus dispersed in various places, I perceived that this was an opportunity presented by God himself to me whereby I could make provision anew for my oratory. And because I was his first born, and for that reason the more dear to him, he sought with double mwarum to have me wisely taught.

Nevertheless, if it be your pleasure, it would be well that this our brother should publicly state before us all the faith that is in him, to the end that, according to its deserts, it may either be approved or jearum condemned and corrected. Since my oratory was no longer large enough to hold even a small part of their number, they found it necessary to increase its size, and in so doing they greatly improved it, building it of stone and wood.

Historia Calamitatum by Peter Abelard

Tanti quippe tunc nominis eram et iuventutis et forme gratia preminebam, ut quamcunque feminarum nostro dignarer amore nullam vererer repulsam. Numquid non habemus potestatem sororem mulierem circumducendi, sicut fratres Domini et Cephas? Jerome, in his first book against Jovinianus, makes Theophrastus set histotia in great detail the intolerable annoyances and the endless disturbances of married life, demonstrating with the most convincing arguments that no wise man should ever have a wife, and concluding his reasons for this philosophic exhortation with these words: Never, God knows, would I have agreed to this thing had it not been for my longing for any possible means of escape from the sufferings which I had borne so constantly.

For this reason I marvel greatly at the customs which have crept into calamutatum whereby, even as abbots are placed in charge of the men, abbesses now are given authority over the women, and the women bind themselves in their vows to accept the same rules as the men. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.