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IOCL Supply of Amine phosphate either Irgalube ST 4 Tender Notice

Even oils obtained from different sub-species of rape and from their related sub-species display differences in pour points and viscosities, owing to differences igralube the compositions of fatty acids, as appears from Table 3. The fluids were tested with an apparatus according to the test method ASTM D by introducing into a pressure vessel ml of the fluid to be tested.

The above data indicate that the said triglycerides have many properties irgalbue are of advantage especially in hydraulic fluids. The result is clearly better if the oil contains also a small amount of other anti-oxidant Irgalubeamino phosphate derivative, test 5. Preferred amount of the anti-oxidant s in the fluid is 1. This accounts for the superb ability of triglycerides to be adsorbed on metal faces as very thin adhering films.

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The most preferred 34 these triglycerides of vegetable origin, under normal temperatures of use, are described to be those that contain esterified oleic acid in a quantity in excess of 50 per cent by weight of the total quantity of fatty irgakube Table 1. The film failure temperature is a measure of the oxidation resistance of the oil. A hydraulic fluid made of a base composition according to any of the preceeding claims 1 to 5, characterized in that in order to comply with the ISO VG 46 viscosity class requirement it contains about 77 percent by weight of the base composition and about 23 percent by weight of pentaerythritol ester.

Irgalubeamino phosphate derivative, Ciba-Geigy; Irganox Lmixture of tertiary-butyl phenol derivatives, Ciba-Geigy; Reomet 39, triazole derivative, Ciba-Geigy; Anqlamol 75, zinc dialkyldithio-phosphate, Lubrizol; ENkortacid T derivative, Akzo Chemie; Hitecmixture of tertiary-butyl phenol derivatives.

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Lubricating oil composition containing friction modifier and corrosion inhibitor. However, it is to be kept in mind that applicable triglyceride oils differ from rape seed oil only in respect of the composition of the fatty acids esterified with glycerol, which difference comes out as different pour points and viscosities of the oils.


The test 3, however, shows that the percentage of the antioxidant has not been high enough. N,N’-disalicylidene-1,2-propenylenediamine; N,N’-bis beta-3,5-ditertbutylhydroxyphenylpropiono hydrazide. It has, however, been noted that the tendency of the said natural triglycerides to be oxidized can be decreased essentially to the same level as that of the common hydrocarbon based hydraulic oils, by using additives in very moderate amounts, which additives have been selected according irgwlube the invention.

Combination of phosphate based additives and sulfonate salts for hydraulic fluids irgalune lubricating compositions. One such a natural base component for hydraulic fluids is the oily triglycerides, as suggested in the patent specification GB 2 During the test the oxygen pressure in the vessel was determined.

DE DET2 en The viscosity index of the triclyceride oils is apparently also more stable against mechanical and heat stresses existing in the hydraulic systems than the viscosity index of the hydraulic fluids based on formulated mineral oils and containing polymeric viscosity index improves. The oxidation products are also corrosive.

What is claimed is: In order to avoid these problems caused by oxidation the working temperature of the hydraulic system is to be kept lower than when hydrocarbon based oils are used.

As the moving element is used a steel ball having a diameter of 6 mm, whereas the stationary element consists of a steel plate. A hydraulic fluid made of a base composition according to any of the preceeding claims 1 to irgwlube, characterized in that in order to comply with the ISO VG 22 viscosity class requirement it contains about 65 percent by weight of the base composition and about 3449 percent by weight of 2-ethylhexyl oleate.

Elastomer compatible seal swell additive for automatic transmission fluids, power iryalube fluids and hydraulic steering applications.

Hydraulic fluids The present invention is concerned with hydraulic fluids irgaalube on oily triglycerides of fatty acids. The vessel was jrgalube and placed into boiling water.


In addition to the above, hydrocarbon oils as such have in fact a rather limited applicability for hydraulic purposes, wherefor the hydraulic fluids based on such oils contain a variety of additives in considerable amounts. The base composition for hydraulic fluids, and hydraulic fluid is prepared on the basis of the composition. A hydraulic fluid made of a base composition according to any of irga,ube preceeding claims 1 to 5, characterized in that in order to comply with the ISO VG 68 viscosity class requirement it contains about 80 percent by weight of the base composition, about 14 percent by weight of pentaerythritol ester and about 6 percent by weight of a complex ester.

Particularly suitable are the triglycerides of the oleic acid-linoleic acid type which contain no more than 20 per cent by weight of esterified saturated fatty acids calculated on the quantity of esterified fatty acids. 3449 fluids based on natural triglycerides. Hydrocarbon-based basic irgalubee 0 – The petroleum-based hydraulic fluids involve, however, a number of environmental and health risks.

The base composition for these hydraulic fluids consists of at least one natural triglyceride and one anti-oxidant additive.

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In this example the stability of the hydraulic fluids against oxidative degradation was tested. The triglycerides described in the said specification GB 2 are glycerol esters of fatty acids, and irgwlube chemical structure of the said esters can be defined by means of the following formula:. The viscosity-to-temperature ratio characteristic of each oil can be characterized by means of the empiric viscosity index VIthe numerical value of which is the higher the less irgaube viscosity of the oil concerned changes with a change in temperature.

The test results of Table 7 indicate that the durability against shear stress of the vegetable oil based fluid was better than that of the mineral oil irgslube fluid. Moreover, oil allowed to escape into the environment causes spoiling of the soil and the ground water, even in small quantities.