Find great deals for LEGO Technic Motorized Bulldozer (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. : Lego Technic Motorized Bulldozer: Toys & Games. your model number. LEGO Technic Motorized Bulldozer. Compare with similar items. Motorized Bulldozer Item №: Pieces: Price: $ € $ Ages: 11 – 16 Released: June LEGO → TECHNIC → Power Functions.

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It seems like a bulldozer isn’t quite as interesting a subject as an excavator or a crane. Lego 1x Blue Technic Liftarm 1×2 thin []. I like the set, but I can see a few things that could be changed to make it a better one. Posted July 20, edited. So if you build to play with your sets, then its a keeper.

LEGO Motorized Bulldozer

Paris Wed Jan 16, Berlin Sun Jan 06, I want to build it and understand it. It works and looks very well with and they are in scale and of same colour and I think it’s a must have for every technic collector just make sure that you have, and before that, because they are better sets. Working pistons, turning treads, and other details that move and function just like the real thing! Lego Technic 8 Liftrame 1x3x1, in gelb aus I picked up a today for on ebay, I think that was a fare price considering I,ve seen some go for over in past couple months.


Berlin Mon Jan 21, Skip to main content.

The bulldozer is really big, looks good, and is fun to play with. Lego Technics – Forest Harvester pezzi. Paris Sun Jan 27, Also, if it helps, I don’t consider myself a Technic collector that needs to have one of everything – I tend to only buy bigger Technic sets that have really interesting builds and an occasional small one for my kids to play with.

It doesn’t have many gears and virtually no mechanisms. It can clean snow in your driveway. At least not in The Netherlands.

But i have to agree is just a magnificent PF model, and I am really glad that I have “secured” two of them. Lego Technic Motorized Bulldozer. Very goooooood Amazing Gift Verified purchase: Brussels 8725 Jan 28, Brussels Thu Jan 03, Edited August 17, by Gekke Ted. What do people think of this set and what price would i expect to pay for a new one?

– Lego Technic Bull dozer – LEGO Technic and Model Team – Eurobricks Forums

I’m looking for await for the right price on ebay. Posted July 22, Lego Technic 2in1 Bulldozer Japan. Sometime in the winter of ”08 I even plowed through an inch of snow with it powdery snow, not the wet stuff, didn’t want to damage the motors and it went right through it, just shook loose the snow when I was done, the neighbors were leg.


It’s remote controlled, so that is very cool. Vienna Thu Jan 24, Posted August 1, edited.

Lego Technic 8275 Motorized Bulldozer

Short build due to smaller parts lgo comparing to “true” flagships. Posted August 11, Lego Technic 1 Lochstein 1×16 gelb Set Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

Posted July 25, Similarly Priced Items Add to wish list. Foggy – I understand you, but the thing is that a couple lgeo years ago I brought four pf-xl off lego shop some I am not really in need of electric pf stuff from the dozer.

Notably, the classic BMW Williams pretty much a recoloring of an actual “Technic” set,and the two awesome RC cars and which I still think are the fastest official Lego models yet, with arguably the most powerful technic motor yet also used in and Hi are there anybody out there that has the bulldozer from and would care todo a good review off it? I,ve got a bunch of black one, need to send ya couple, Legoo.