LTSP is a Thin Client Solution for Linux operating systems. To learn more, browse the resources on this website or click below to see the benefits of LTSP. There is a community LTSP support chatroom on the IRC network Freenode. Developers and ‘s LTSP Tutorial Videos [YouTube]. If you are a government or educational leader, Rais has extra server he may choose to gift to your organization — if you are serious about using LTSP. This gift .

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LTSP Live Howto

If you’re going to be following this guide step by step using Putty then you can save yourself some typing by simply highlighting each command below, right-clicking on it and selecting Copy. So take care to copy down somewhere all of part b of step 3 and complete it so the Internet is restored. This file plays a role similar to xorg. Otherwise these lines need to be commented out by adding the asterisk symbol as shown above and the config file is saved otherwise step 3 cannot be done.

You will then be able to return to the previous form and change your option, or alternatively you could force it and lose the existing network connection. All config files need to be edited using root privileges. Line 10 tells us that the IPs being handed out to any clients of the server will be within the If your computer is an Apple computer, you will have to boot from a DVD and hold in the Alt key from the moment you have started it up.


This will churn through for quite some time but eventually you should see info: It can also be edited to run a local DNS cache on the server.

LTSP can be very demanding on local network resources. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If you don’t want to set up an LTSP server, then you can skip this section.

Most processors will work just fine. The character masks a line out so it does not get executed:.

Linux Terminal Server Project – Welcome to

If you’re cool with this, then let me know, otherwise tell me you don’t want this. If you want to build a 64bit image which is obviously not recommended if your thin clients don’t support it then omit the “–arch i” from the command below: If you have chosen to try Edubuntu, you will be presented with an Edubuntu Desktop. Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt.

Set Computer to Boot from Media Now that you have prepared your installation media, it’s time to tell your computer to use ltxp.

The installer will display a summary of the changes it plans to write to your disk. There is no separate chroot sometimes referred to as ltsp-pnp and the boot method is by nbd rather than nfs. Type exit in tutofial Terminal session to quit back to the login screen. To see when and where the next meeting is and what will be discussed, look at the upcoming meeting page.

Install and Configure Ubuntu LTSP Server

NetworkManager will be configured to use the router’s dhcp server. If speed is important and security is less so then it is recommended. Then toggle over to your Putty Session and right-click once more. Any of the software choices were made by said instructor. When Installation is over, create lfsp machine with pxe boot support, we have prepared another virtual box machine ltep demonstration purpose. Any regular users can be added with the command below: On the commandline run as root ltsp-config dnsmasq This reports: The upside is that the model is easier to maintain.


I would generally recommend 5 gigabytes per user that will be accessing the server. Note, the command will build a 32bit image. Upgrading from Fedora 24 to Fedora The new LTSP wiki launches in beta status today. LTSP client installation completed successfully displayed at the bottom of the screen. First, when installing Ubuntu server I don’t want this.

Note that you can also use local applications ltep local apps to shed some memory usage to the thin clients. Now it’s time to reboot the host server: When you reboot your system, the installation media will eject and the system will prompt you to remove it and restart the computer. Skip to main content.

On the commandline run as root: On an installed system, you will have to install LTSP in order to use it. Refer to your computer’s manual for further details or feel free to ask us for further assistance.