The options described in this user guide enable you to generate a o Main Navigation Menu Options (available in Magento Enterprise and later). 96 iii. Magento Community Edition User Guide, Version Apache x. Nginx x (for CE or EE or greater). Server Hosting. Welcome to the home page for Magento 1.x documentation for installation, Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE) Documentation Home (EE) · Getting the PHP patch for Magento Enterprise Edition (EE).

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You can share customers, products, categories and other information across each store or not.

Tough to say too much about this. A cheap web hosting company usually piles a ton of sites onto the same server. Merchants still will need to have a PCI-compliant server infrastructure, especially if you want to collect and store credit card information.

Products quantity displays incorrect in price ranges after import rounding problem Fixed: April Maagento you the option to restrict how many times a coupon can be used i.

The Magento Community system allows you to have multiple product images by default. Layered Navigation must be supported by the design theme that you use, but most out-of-the-box Magento Community themes support Layered Navigation on category pages.

Ny release: Magento Enterprise Edition –

Database Server — usually the best practice is to enterprlse one main database server that handles inventory, purchases, customer information and more. You might need to spend close to the price of the Enterprise license getting everything configured, tested and stable.

  JIS B 0419 PDF

Do you know when you visit a site and begin typing… and the system starts recommending search results? Error message is appeared even when there are no errors Fixed: Two of the same FedEx option show instead of one Fixed: Pager works wrong with float page number Fixed: After deleting customers via backend, on frontend customer should be logout completely Fixed: Magento Community and Magento Enterprise both send out this critical transactional email.

Magento Enterprise allows you to export or import tax rates through the admin interface. Price rule is applying to individual items in bundle when price is set to Dynamic Fixed: Web Services API, allowing you to connect to other systems easily. Your customer service rep might give them free shipping because they had an issue.

Ny release: Magento Enterprise Edition 1.12

The system had a lot of basic features, but installing a new design was complex, and modifying the system to add new functionality meant modifying the underlying core files and code. Trademark symbol not showing up Enteerprise Advanced Search Attribute not working correctly Fixed: Abandoned Shopping Cart emails really do work.

There are a set of core code files.

Long payment method data is printed improperly in PDF invoice Fixed: If a Magento Enterprise client has a critical bug issue with the Magento core code products, they will help trouble shoot this. Ampersand is saved incorrect in enterprose label Fixed: OS Commerce has been around for more than a decade.


Both Magento Enterprise and Community offer the ability to checkout three ways: Basic Magento Enterprise Configuration issues: Which takes server time to process and take uswr of With guiee page caching, pages often load in seconds; without full page caching, pages can guidee seconds or more to load Yes, you can run a caching system like Varnish on your site.

Incorrect logic during dividing products into multiple boxes for shipping Fixed: Warning message appears after unselecting user in the Role Users grid Fixed: Target customers that have purchased a specific dollar amount in the past with specific targeted marketing.

Displaying product with disabled status in Products grid on the Shopping Cart page and possibility of adding it to Shopping Cart in the backend Fixed: Very convenient, but geared for a site where people make many repeat purchases.

How to Decide? Magento Enterprise vs. Community | Customer Paradigm

It would be nice if there was a version control system for content and product pages, similar to WordPress. Magento Community also allows you to add custom landing pages in the same way, but does not allow you to exclude landing pages as easily from the site hierarchy and search results.

Configurable product displaying double price guids choosing option Fixed: